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My name is James McIntyre. I'm the President and Co-Founder of the Foster Care Alumni of America Illinois chapter as well as a former ward of the state of Illinois for 17 years.

A little about me. I was brought in the care of DCFS at the age of 4 due to abuse, neglect and drug use. After about 2 years in foster care, I thought I found a forever home and got adopted. However, those adoptive parents turned out to be abusive. I lived 7 years in that household with the constant abuse and neglect. For the first two years, I told neighbors however they did not report it. So I stayed silent. When I was 14 I learned that if I said things I would get hospitalized once more never telling what was going on in the house.

The parents ended up giving up their parental rights and handing me back to the state. I then spent several years in residential, moving to a TLP, then an ILO. I've spent the better part of my adult life writing policy for the child welfare community to better their lives. Some of that policy is sibling bill of rights, increasing DCFS scholarships, introducing the first youth in care bill of rights, and more recently trying to revamp the Abuse and Neglected Child Reporting Act. I work closely with DCFS and with the Office of the Cook County Public Guardians office to ensure proper care is given to all of our kids in care.
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For over 30 years, Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of Cook County has been training everyday people to stand up for children that have experienced abuse and neglect in an overwhelmed and extremely under-resourced foster care system. Today there are anywhere between 5,800 to 6,000 children in Cook County’s foster care system—and CASA of Cook County can only provide one-on-one support for less than 6 percent of them. Because of our limited resources, our volunteer advocates are court-appointed for cases deemed most in need of individual, dedicated support. Learn more about our work here: http://bit.ly/CASA_Cook_Cty 

Meet the 2015 Team CASA, which raised more than $36,000+, by visiting this link: http://bit.ly/2015TeamCASA 

Meet the 2016 Team CASA, which raised more than $52,000+, by visiting this link: http://bit.ly/TeamCASAPix.

Our goal in 2017 is to once again run the Bank of America Chicago Marathon and raise $50,000. 100% of the money raised will go towards CASA of Cook County's child advocacy program.



We highly encourage you to share the opportunity to join Team CASA with your friends! There's nothing better than running for a good cause alongside great people! 


Welcome to Team CASA and thank you for believing in our mission & vision.


Mark Dinglasan
Executive Director

CASA of Cook COunty


Name Date Amount Comments
Karen Bush 10/19/2017 $100.00 Thank you for all you do James!
Cameron Zelaya 10/08/2017 $10.00  
Kelly Cassidy 10/08/2017 $150.00 Go James!!
Ann Williams 10/08/2017 $50.00 Proud of you and grateful for all you do to give a voice to foster kids!
Kimberlie Dodson 10/08/2017 $25.00 Proud of you, James!
Cindy Lusignan 10/07/2017 $50.00  
Meryl Paniak 10/06/2017 $25.00 Run James Run!
Gautham Ragunathan 10/06/2017 $50.00 here ya go oliver twist ;)
Caren Zielke 10/06/2017 $25.00 From Linda and myself, go James go!
Kara Teeple 10/06/2017 $150.00 You will do great James!
Robyn Gabel 10/04/2017 $100.00 I'm proud of you for taking on this challenge. Go James!
Anonymous Friend 10/02/2017 $50.00 What a great idea, James! Keep calm and run, run, run!
HOWARD Schnitzer 09/30/2017 $50.00 So proud of you James McIntyre
Deborah Carnes 09/28/2017 $50.00 Good luck James
Danielle Gomez 09/28/2017 $50.00  
Joanna Kotecki 08/08/2017 $25.00 I believe in you!
Jo Johnson 06/21/2017 $25.00 Go James!!!
Donna Sendra 06/21/2017 $100.00  
  Total $1,085.00